Аbout us

20 years in business!

Eco House Energy

Eco House Energy Ltd. celebrates its 20th anniversary in business. During these years we have delivered townhouses and mountain houses (chalets) of different sizes and styles mainly to clients in Switzerland and France. It is of paramount importance for us to deliver the highest quality products that meet Swiss criteria. We have excellent specialists in wood carving, in the production of various styles of furniture, stairs, doors, windows and more. The production process is supervised by an engineer, PhD, with extensive experience with wood structures in Canada, France and Switzerland.

The highest standard in construction

Qualified engineers and architects

The company is managed by a Swiss specialist with many years of experience in the construction and installation of wooden prefabricated houses, classic and mountain type (chalets), which meet the requirements for the highest standard in construction.

We work with qualified engineers and architects who can assist with your project.

Paradise is what we call home

The dream wooden house

The houses are manufactured according to individual projects. You can have the dream wooden house tailored to your tastes, desires and abilities. The construction of prefabricated wooden houses allows for a great freedom in architectural, construction and design solutions in order to meet the tastes, needs and capabilities of the owner. The houses can be simple but neat, massive, luxurious and large, with glazed facades, in mountain (chalet), traditional or modern style. Interior spaces can be large and spacious or add additional walls to increase the number of rooms. The outside can be lined with stone, plaster or wood with its emphasis on uniqueness, charm, character and unique impact.

First class product at an affordable price

Without analogy

More than 40% of Bulgarian territory of is covered with forests. There is an easy access of high quality wood species such as spruce, pine, oak, beech and others at affordable prices. Considering also the low living and production expenses in Bulgaria, we offer competitive prices as compared to the Swiss market.

Home is not just a place, it‘s a feeling!