The Giettes project

  • Project description

Only 40% of Swiss people can afford their own home. Compared to them in 2017, Bulgarians were on seventh place in the European Union in owning their own home. 85% of people live in their own houses or apartments.
Undoubtedly, to build your own house, to make the right decisions, to walk the path from the idea to the enjoyment of the creation of a cozy home is a serious challenge and is one of the most significant, exciting and happy moments in everyone’s life, regardless of the country they live in. The policy of the banks, as well as various economic and social factors make it difficult for people to realize the dream house. That is why Eco House Energy without making any compromises strives with the quality of the products to offer its customers sophisticated, aesthetic, functional, safe, ecological houses at the best price not only for the countries in Western Europe but also in Bulgaria.
The main idea of the Giettes project was to create a small modern residential area with its own infrastructure, including a local asphalt road, water supply and sewerage in an incredibly picturesque plot of over 6000 m2 overlooking the Le Mans (Lake Geneva). Stylish and comfortable, the five houses have enabled five young Swiss families to acquire their own homes at an affordable price.
In November 2018, a project was launched to build five houses in the village of Giettes, about 12 km from the town of Monthey / Canton Valais, Switzerland. At the beginning of September 2020 we built the fifth and last mountain house (chalet). Each of the houses has an area of 127.5 m2 + 50 m2 attic and offers a beautiful view of Lac Léman. These houses were sold before construction began.
Like our other products, the walls of the houses are approximately 36 cm thick, including 20 cm of stone wool and 4 cm of EPS. This insulation makes it possible to achieve very low energy consumption. The houses consist of a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms with built-in toilets, bathtubs or showers and sinks. Windows with blinds are made of PVC with an insulation coefficient of 1.1. The chalets are equipped with heating, supplied by a heat pump, which also provides domestic hot water. The floors are covered with laminate flooring, and the bathrooms and kitchens are with faience and granite. The roofs are two-sloped, covered with tiles. Although the models of the houses are of the same type, we took into account the individual tastes and wishes of each buyer in terms of interior.