Advantages of prefabricated houses

Wood as a unique building material given by nature and has been used since ancient times. A classic building material all over the world, in recent years it is gaining more and more popularity in Bulgaria, as it creates sustainable, reliable, safe homes and at the same time shows care for the environment and the health of the inhabitants. It is no coincidence that leading construction companies that know its properties use it when they have to meet the passive house standard.

If you want to own a different, innovative, efficient, beautiful and ecological house, with designer concept, then the house with a wooden structure can meet your expectations by giving you the feeling of comfort, happiness and well-being.

Exceptional insulator and energy-saving construction

Glass conducts heat 23 times faster than wood, marble 90 times faster, steel 1650 times faster, and aluminum 7000 times faster. This means less “leakage” of energy from the home made of wood with added insulation of stone wool. If you want the heat (or coolness) to stay in your home and you want to spend less money on heating (or cooling), wood is the real alternative to brick, concrete or stone.

Shorter construction times

Wet processes are kept to a minimum. The construction of the wooden structure is clean, fast and easy. This leads to very short times for mounting compared to traditional construction and is particularly applicable in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and icing, when the construction of a wooden house can continue unhindered. Wooden houses allow easy modifications during and after the construction process and this is due to the lightness, flexibility and cost efficiency, which makes them such a popular and inexpensive choice.

Healthy and natural material

Electrostatic charge: This is a serious topic for some people, as electrostatic charges are thought to be somewhat unhealthy. The good news is that wood emits zero electrostatic charge. If a room is finished with uncoated wood paneling, this will help regulate the humidity, which would support people with respiratory sensitivity. In addition, wood does not rust or release toxins as a result of  oxidation which is characteristic of metals. And only the look of the wood calms the mind and relaxes the nervous system. For these reasons, wood is considered a healthy choice over metal, plastic and other materials. Because wood is a material that “breathes”, it helps maintain healthy indoor conditions.

Thick and strong walls

The building has a lower weight, but at the same time with thick, strong walls containing a significant amount of insulating material. One of the many reasons why wood is still used today, despite great advances in engineering, is its low weight and high durability. Wood can bend slightly, retaining its strength characteristics, which bricks and concrete can not do. Therefore, if the foundations shift slightly, the wood house can bend slightly and move with the change, rather than cracking, which would happen to a brick house. In unstable soils, heavy bricks can cause the ground to sink, which is why light houses based on wooden construction are generally preferred in such places.

The ``green`` trend is particularly pronounced today

Houses made of wood are sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly. If the house uses 20 cubic meters of wood, it saves 16 tons of carbon for the atmosphere. In addition to the feeling of living in harmony with nature, living in a wooden house gives an extra sense of coziness and comfort, while strengthening the health of you and your family.
Wood is a renewable ecological material and no harmful emissions are emitted when working with it.

Cheaper solution in the long run

Prefabricated wooden houses have shorter constructing times, as most of the processes are carried out in the production workshop. Due to the lower weight of the structure compared to classic brick construction, such a serious concrete foundation is not needed, which saves material time and money. Due to the good insulation of the sandwich panels with wooden construction, the heating costs are minimal in the long run. From all this we can conclude that these houses are not only reliable, strong, cozy and aesthetic but also a cheaper solution compared to other construction.

Flexible, modern, diverse, original architectural solutions leading to

Aesthetically pleasing appearance and maximum practical use of interior space.

Some pursue happiness, and we create it!