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The Giettes project

In November 2018, a project was launched to build five houses in the village of Giettes, about 12 km from the town of Monthey / Canton Valais, Switzerland. At the beginning of September 2020 we built the fifth and last mountain house (chalet). Each of the houses has an area of 127.5 m2 + 50 m2 attic and offers a beautiful view of Lac Léman. These houses were sold before construction began.

Innovative and efficient

Prefabricated houses

Wood as a unique building material given by nature has been used since ancient times. A classic building material all over the world, in recent years it is gaining more and more popularity in Bulgaria, as it creates sustainable, reliable, safe homes and at the same time shows care for the environment and the health of the inhabitants. It is no coincidence that leading construction companies that know its properties use it when they have to meet the passive house standard.

If you want to own a different, innovative, efficient, designer, beautiful and ecological house, then the house with a wooden structure can meet your expectations by giving you the feeling of comfort, happiness and well-being.


The interior of happiness

When the house with a wooden structure is ready, it comes the time to induce it with spirit and energy, to produce its own character and special atmosphere.
No matter what style you decide to furnish your house: modern, classic, traditional or other, it is very likely that once you have decided to trust and rely on wood as a unique, reliable, aesthetically pleasing material to follow this line when choosing the furniture.

Some pursue happiness, and we create it!