Prefabricated houses with wooden construction

In times of challenge, the best support we have is our home and family.

Different, innovative, effective

Wood - a unique building material

Wood as a unique natural building material that has been used since ancient times. A classic building material all over the world, in recent years it is gaining more and more popularity in Bulgaria, as it creates sustainable, reliable, safe homes and at the same time demonstrates our care for the environment and the health of the inhabitants. It is no coincidence that leading construction companies use it when they have to meet the passive house standard.

If you want to own a different, innovative, efficient, designer-level, beautiful and ecological house, then the house with wooden construction can meet your expectations by giving you the feeling of comfort, happiness and well-being.

The realization of your ideas

Design and implementation

Not everyone has the chance and luck to be the creator of their own house at least once where they can enjoy life with their family. To make this dream come true, you are required to have the right terrain, desire and financial ability.

The team of Eco House Energy uses specialists, architects, engineers and others. at the highest professional level to realize your ideas in the best way. As a result, you will be able to live in your unique home with a feeling of comfort, coziness and happiness.

Once all the elements of the entire structure are manufactured in the factory, they will be transported to your site and installed using the necessary specialized equipment. You will have the opportunity to watch your own boutique house grow before your eyes in literally 2 days.

Eco-friendly living

Passive house

When the building is designed in such a way that it allows comfortable use without the input of active sources for heating and cooling, we consider the so-called “passive house”. This concept has been standardized in recent years and is a symbol of the global trend towards environmentally friendly living and energy saving.

At the customer’s request, a prefabricated house with a wooden structure can be developed according to the standard for a passive house.

Some pursue happiness, and we create it!